Monday, September 23, 2013


I have recently been caught up with a band that a friend of mine showed me. This band is called Daughter. They are an English Indie Pop band that was formed in 2010. They met at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. They have released two EP's: "His Young Heart" and "The Wild Youth". After being signed by 4AD, this March, they released their album "If You Leave".

Left to right.

Remi Aguiella, who is the drummer.
Elena Torna, who is the lead singer and the original solo artist that started Daughter.
Igor Haefeli, who is the guitarist.

I cannot express enough how glad that this band was shared to me. Their music is soul soothing. It fills the cavities in your heart that you get when you just want to give up and throw your life away.

Their most popular song is entitled "Youth".

And also a couple songs that I love.

Peaceful Listening. (:


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